TrishaConyers, Author at Trisha Conyers Interior Design
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BNI is a referral based network of men and women representing almost every industry of business. We meet each Thursday morning at Jim N’ Nicks and go through a structured meeting. It consists of 30-second commercials, guest speakers, announcement of referrals passed, thank you for closed business and a host of other parts.

My experience with BNI has ultimately been a positive one. I have been fortunate enough to work with several businesses within the group like Mary’s Cakes & Pastries, Page One, Ryan Whitson Insurance Agency and Jack Ryan. I’ve used the services of many within our group like Jolly Heating and Air Conditioning.

I remember my first meeting at BNI. My first impression was it seemed useful but could I really carve out 2 hours every week to devote just to BNI? After you tabulate BNI fees, venue dues, and parties, the cost is more than $1000. Well, I recovered that investment in the first four months so any new business generated from BNI for the rest of the year will be pure profit.

Almost every industry is represented in BNI Powerhouse. We have funeral operators, bed and breakfasts, salsa makers, and t-shirt makers. Most can benefit from BNI’s powerful referral network.