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Trisha Salls Conyers

Interior Designer
Trisha's Story
I was born an interior designer. When I was a little girl, I could not go to bed unless my dolls were covered in matching blankets, all toys in a row, and a coverlet folded. I even “ordered” rocks in the stream behind our house…a little scary, I know!
After a B.S. and Masters Degree, I studied accelerated architecture at Mississippi State University. It was there that my natural talent and formal training coalesced. l truly believe that spaces empower individuals. When Individuals are in an organized, clean, beautiful, and uncluttered living space they are more powerful and productive. I believe if all of humanity had good living conditions life as we know It would be radically different. Ian and I plan to accomplish this one client at a time.

Ian Crawford

Instructor | University of Alabama
Ian's Story
Ian Crawford attended the University of Alabama where he studied interior design and was named the most outstanding senior in the program. After graduation he attended Tulane University School of Architecture where he attained his Masters of Preservation Studies. At Tulane his thesis on Tuscaloosa's architectural history was Awarded Most Outstanding Thesis. Returning to Tuscaloosa he worked in the field of preservation overseeing the Jemison Van de Graaff Mansion Foundation, The Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society and served on many boards and commissions tasked with conserving the cultural assets of the region. Since 2012 he has taught interior design, art history and special interest courses, as well as lecturing for many clubs and organizations. His home and design work has been featured in outlets including Southern Living and Tuscaloosa Magazine.
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